329th Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Seminar:
Manipulation of Few-Body Quantum Dynamics

Scientific Programme

The investigation of quantum dynamical processes in few-body Coulomb systems is a rapidly developing branch of modern atomic and molecular physics. Scattering processes between electrons, ions, atoms, molecules, and clusters as well as the interactions of these building blocks of matter with single photons and intense laser fields are studied intensively both experimentally and theoretically in order to gain insights into the spatial and temporal development of interacting few-body quantum systems.

The 329th Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Seminar on 'Manipulation of Few-Body Quantum Dynamics' will bring together experimentalists and theorists working in this field in order to give an in-depth overview of current research activities with emphasis on the question whether and how such quantum dynamical processes can be studied under controlled conditions and manipulated purposefully. This topic is deemed to be a promising impetus for fundamental and applied future research.

The programme of the workshop consists of invited talks given by scientists of leading groups in the field, a poster session, and a round-table discussion on the prospects of quantum control. In particular, PhD-students and postdocs are encouraged to attend the meeting and to present their works and exchange their ideas.

A detailed programme is posted here ( html  pdf )

Sessions on the following topics will be arranged:

  • Coherent control
  • Controlled reactions
  • Charge transfer
  • Laser-assisted collisions
  • Laser manipulation
  • Reactive scattering
  • Atoms and molecules in strong fields
  • Controlled fragmentation
  • Cluster dynamics

Invited speakers:

Zohar Amitay (Technion, Haifa, IL)
Dieter Bauer (MBI Berlin, D)
Thomas Baumert (U Kassel, D)
Tobias Brixner (U of California, Berkeley, USA)
Piero Casavecchia (U of Perugia, I)
Lew Cocke (KSU Manhattan (KS), USA)
Brett Depaola (KSU Manhattan (KS), USA)
Alexander Dorn (MPI-K Heidelberg, D)
Markus Drescher (U Bielefeld, D)
Fleming Crim (U Wisconsin, Madison, USA)
Ekaterina Eremina (MBI Berlin, D)
Hanspeter Helm (U Freiburg, D)
Ronnie Hoekstra (KVI Groningen, NL)
Till Jahnke (U Frankfurt, D)
Manfred Lein (MPI-PKS Dresden, D)
Jan-Michael Rost (MPI-PKS Dresden, D)
Alejandro Saenz (Humboldt U Berlin, D)
Stephan Schlemmer (R. and B. Sackler Laboratory, Leiden, NL)
Stefan Schmatz (U Göttingen, D)
Henrik Stapelfeldt (U Aarhus, DK)
Frank Stienkemeier (U Bielefeld, D)
Walter Strunz (U Freiburg, D)
Richard Taieb (U Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, FR)
Uwe Thumm (KSU Manhattan (KS), USA)
Wim van der Zande (U Nijmegen, NL)
Bernd von Issendorf (U Freiburg, D)
Andreas Wolf (MPI-K Heidelberg, D)
Daniel Zajfman (Weizmann Inst. Rehovot, IL)

Confirmed attendees include:

Reinhard Dörner (U Frankfurt, D)
Alfred Maquet (U Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, FR)
Robert Moshammer (MPI-K Heidelberg, D)
Wolfgang Sandner (MBI Berlin, D)